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At Diagold, it’s never a transaction, but a relationship for life. Never a purchase but an ethereal customer experience. And that’s why there’s Diagold Lounge. Where your unique profile is mapped to our offerings, to give you a seamless, precise and purposeful browsing experience.


Our 6,500 square ft manufacturing unit is located in oo the special economic zone of Mumbai, India (SEEPZ). This state of the art facility assures excellence at every stage of the production process with international standards.

Our manufacturing unit is staffed with more than 150 skilled artisans who have high levels of expertise in their respective fields. Our manufacturing unit's production capacity is 15,000 pieces per month.

Our production lead time is normally 4 weeks. In cases where new development and the sampling process are involved, the lead time is roughly 6 weeks; however, the lead time also depends on the quantity of the order.

Our commitment to excellence and passion for crafting jewelry have made us a respected company in the world of jewelry.

Rubber Mould
Rubber Mould - Diagold Creation
Wax Injection
Wax Injection - Diagold Creation

Diamond Assortment

Diamond Assortment - Diagold Creation
Wax Setting
Wax Setting - Diagold Creation
Casting - Diagold Creation
Mechanical Finish
Mechanical Finish - Diagold Creation
Assembly - Diagold Creation
Manual Setting
Manual Setting - Diagold Creation
Polishing - Diagold Creation

Rhodium Masking

Rhodium Masking - Diagold Creation
Product Development

We perform on-going analysis of our customer's feedback and conduct extensive research on market trends to customize our product mix for each client.

Innovation and Design

Diagold creativity comes to you from the heart of diamond and jewelry country – India. Where artisans have been perfecting their art for generations. A legacy passed down the ages and marvelled at by the world. No wonder India exports 95% of the world’s diamonds.

Innovation and Design are at the heart of every Diagold offering.

Innovation - Diagold Creation

Diagold represents India’s rich tradition of heritage and craftsmanship. The Indian craftsperson prides themselves on a set of skills so sublime, the outcome of their artistry is the very finest quality in precious jewelry. Come, benefit from the legacy of Diagold’s creative excellence.

Associations & Accreditation
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